Udo’s Choice for Vegans

im-veganPeople who choose to follow a vegan lifestyle have the same nutritional requirements as everybody else – they just have to ensure they obtain sufficient nutrients from a plant-based diet.

The most common concern is the amount of Essential Fatty Acids consumed. Society has been so powerfully indoctrinated with the notion that our essential Omega Fatty Acids all come from fish oil, many people are unaware that plant-based options can provide a richer, healthier and more palatable source.

The ingredients in Udo’s Choice products are rich in Essential Fatty Acids – and what’s more, they are organic, unrefined and manufactured specifically to protect their nutritional integrity – unlike other mass-produced products.

Often the focus for Vegans is on the amount of “DHA” consumed in the diet. DHA is “docosahexaenoic acid”, and is termed a “long-chain fatty acid”.  But as Udo Erasmus points out in his book “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill”, the people of many nations have flourished in perfect health without consuming fish or fish oil in order to obtain sufficient DHA.

DHA is not the same as the omega-3 fatty acids we know. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in vegan foods, of course in flax (abundantly), and also in walnut, soy, and leafy greens. If we do not consume DHA through food (which is usually through fish or fish oil, or a vegan form of DHA), then our bodies must make that conversion from the omega-3 fatty acids into the DHA.

Our bodies are able to make this conversion, but it appears for some of us, that conversion is not always very effective. Since we don’t really know if we are an ‘effective converter’ or not, it is wise to supplement with DHA.

We recommend Udo’s DHA Oil Blend because it:

  • is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (100 mg DHA, 40 mg ALA, 3 mg of EPA per 1tbsp serving)
  • is a VEGETARIAN and Unrefined formulation
  • has NO hexane used in processing
  • retains all the benefits of Udo’s Choice 3-6-9 Oil Blend
  • has NO methyl mercury, PCBs or dioxin, no high-temperature processing
  • does NOT have any fishy taste or smell
  • uses Certified organic, vegetarian ingredients, produced under ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’
  • is packaged in environmentally friendly dark amber glass and boxed to protect from light.

The importance of DHA is also increased during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as explained by Dreena Burton:

“Vegans should be aware that babies need DHA in their diet for their first two years. DHA is a long-chain fatty acid important for brain development and vision; it must be obtained through the diet during an infant’s early years. It is found naturally in mammalian milk, but not in soy milk, soy formula, or any other plant-based milks.” (http://vivelevegan.blogspot.com.au/2007/05/dha-udos-oil-and-tips.html)

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