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Udo’s Choice for Healthy Ageing

im-getting-olderAlthough our nutritional needs may vary a little throughout our lifespan, two types of nutrients increase in importance as we get older. For healthy ageing to be achievable, we need to get plenty of:

  • Fibre
  • Essential fatty acids

Fibre should be both the soluble and insoluble kinds, and Essential Fatty Acids should include the ALA and LA Omega Fatty Acids. There are two products in the Udo’s Choice range that are particularly helpful:

The main types of issues that arise as people age that can be improved by consuming Udo’s products, include:

1. Udo’s Oil for Heart Health

The Essential Fatty Acids in Udo’s Oil as part of a healthy diet can play a role in maintaining heart health… Read More


2. Udo’s Oil for the Brain

The Essential Fatty Acids in Udo’s Oil as part of a healthy diet can help guard against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia… Read more


3. Udo’s Oil for the Joints

Just as oil is used as a lubricant in machinery, so can the Essential Fatty Acids in Udo’s Oil improve the function and movement of your joints and ligaments… Read more…


What does Udo say?

In his book “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill”, Udo Erasmus published his own list of factors that contribute to longevity:

  1. Fuel – that builds the fire of life necessary to keep cells active and clean
  2. Antioxidants that provide spark control
  3. Avoidance of external and internal toxic influences
  4. Digestive efficiency
  5. Optimally functioning bowel flora
  6. The right kinds of fibre that keep our colon clean
  7. Clean water to drink and bath in
  8. Clean air
  9. Sunlight
  10. Physical activity that keeps our body fit
  11. Rest and relaxation
  12. Challenges worth meeting
  13. Good feeling about oneself
  14. Positive goals and constructive activities
  15. Mutually supportive relationships
  16. A clean and natural environment
  17. Independence in thinking and livelihood
  18. Emotionally healthy beliefs
  19. A sense of humour
  20. Faith in nature, life and the human body
  21. Enjoyment of our own life
  22. Positive regard for life in general

It could be argued that the ability to score well on factors 10 – 22 depends largely on how well we manage to achieve factors 1 – 6: all of which can be supported by Udo’s Choice products.