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Please find below a collection of links to relevant articles, clips and websites:

For a simple explanation of Udo’s Oil, watch our brief overview.

Link to YouTube clip overview of Udo's Oil

Media links

Many trusted voices agree that Udo’s Oil is extremely beneficial for optimal health. To find out what people in the media are saying about Udo’s Oil, visit the “In the Press” page on Udo’s own website.

The links below are to sites or reports that provide additional information related to Udo’s products.


www.ntphealthproducts.com – Australian distributors

www.udoerasmus.com – creator of Udo’s Oil

www.florahealth.com – manufacturers of Udo’s Oil products

Neil Bryant wins UK JOGLE race 1376km!

World Record Cyclist testimonial: http://www.sanaka.co.za/general/world_record_holding_cyclist_praises_udo_s_oil.html

http://benefitof.net/benefits-of-udo%E2%80%99s-oil/ – information about the benefits of using Udo’s oil, as reported by “benefitof.net”

http://www.vegetarian.org.uk/campaigns/fish – “Why plant-based omega-3 fats are better for your health”

http://www.vegetarian.org.uk/factsheets/fishfactsheet.html – “Why public health strategy should promote plant oils in preference to fish oils” – A scientific report by Laura Scott, MSc Nutrition, VVF Senior Nutritionist (UK).

Link to article: “Fish oil capsules and supplements fail on Omega-3 claims and freshness, University research study.”

Flaxseeds for Hypertension – Combat one of our leading killers: high blood pressure!

The Forgotten Oil that can boost your health…


 View our clips

Udo’s Oil and Athletic Performance (3.30)

Udo’s Choice in Sports including Helen Jenkins Olympic Athlete interview

Oil the Machine

Udo’s Choice – Udo interview

Amy Purdee – double amputee, athlete and Udo’s Ambassador

Faya Nilsson, author of “Fitness on Toast” blog, adds Udo’s to her brekkie – watch now


Bodybuilidng champion and Master Trainer Fred Liberatore has an excellent blog providing sound advice and guidance to people who wish to become the best version of themselves.

“Overall, blending Udo’s Oil with extra virgin olive oil makes nearly a perfect oil blend for salad dressings with a great taste and maximum health benefits”…

“The other day someone asked me why I take the Udo’s Oil. I take it for my skin & hair”…

“Review of Udo Eramus’ publication of a cookbook that is entirely vegetarian with lots of vegan recipes, and recipes that can be veganised. And Udo’s oil is a certified vegan oil”…

“I discovered this amazing oil through one of my clients who participated in Pelican Hill Resort’s Balanced Wellness program”…

“Many people have heard about Udo’s Oil (which I regularly take), but not many people that I’ve talked to know about the many other products available”…