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Why Choose Udo’s?

Ecologically sustainable fish-free OmegasWith the enormous range and variety of Omega-rich products in the marketplace, why would you choose Udo’s?

Udo’s Oil is fundamentally different from other products in terms of:

  • the amount and types of truly essential fatty acids it contains
  • the certified organic source of ingredients
  • the superior benefits of plant-based omegas
  • sustainability issues (no impact on global fish stocks)
  • the unrefined, undamaged (not over-processed) quality
  • the patented manufacturing process – for purity and quality
  • the quality packaging – to protect the delicate fatty acids
  • the research behind the products and formulas by Udo Erasmus

The table below lists additional features that establish Udo’s Choice as the superior brand of choice:

Comparison of Udo’s against other products:

Udo’s Oil contains the only 2 truly ESSENTIAL fatty acids: ALA and LA.For an explanation of this, please read our article “Which Fats are Truly Essential?” Fish Oil may contain a variety of Omega Fatty Acids, but not these two EFA’s. Other Omega-type products may contain a range of Omega’s, but which ones, and in what condition?
Udo’s Choice products are made from natural, organic (mostly Certified Organic) ingredients, containing a variety of nutrients – because they come from wholefoods. It is impossible to know exactly where the ingredients in products such as fish oil come from – what condition they are in, and what toxins they contain.
Udo’s Choice ingredients are “sustainable”. There are serious concerns about sustainability issues connected with the fish/krill oil industries.
Udo’s Choice products are manufactured using methods that are specifically designed to protect the nutritional integrity of the delicate fatty acids and other nutrients. In fact, Udo Erasmus helped develop the patented manufacturing process. Udo’s Choice is made “with health in mind”. Other products are made with turnover and profit at front-of-mind. The nutritional integrity of these products are sacrificed in the manufacturing process, resulting in poor quality products.
Udo’s Choice products are manufactured in temperature-controlled (cool) conditions to help protect the integrity of the delicate fatty acids. Other products are manufactured without regard for the damaging heat they may be exposed to.
Udo’s Choice products are unrefined. Other products are refined, treated with deoderisers etc, to help disguise the bad smelling (rancid) nature of the oil.
Udo’s Choice products are stored in a dark glass bottle, inside a cardboard box, to help protect the delicate fatty acids from exposure to light. Other products are packaged in light coloured plastic that do little to prevent light from penetrating the container and damaging the fatty acids.
Udo’s Choice packaging is made from recycled materials. Check the packaging for evidence of this.
Udo’s Choice are shipped in refrigerated containers, and kept in the fridge in Health Food Stores. Udo Erasmus says they are able to stay out of coolroom conditions for up to 7 days without significant deterioration, but after this time, the fatty acids are damaged. Other products are shipped and stored in ambient temperatures. They are stocked on supermarket shelves without regard for their exposure to light and heat.